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Introduction to this site by Leigh and Mary Chojnowski.

We are honoured in our developing relationship with Brigadier General Ronald S. Mangum, Grand Master Ordre Souverain et Militaire du Temple de Jérusalem (OSMTJ).  http://osmtj.net/

Our initial attention was gained through his inspirational statements of direction for OSMTJ. His call for its return to core Christian and Chivalric values – offering practical help for those most in need within the framework of our faith. Upholding the values of courage, self sacrifice, spiritual discipline, and the importance of historical/cultural study.

During our first 11 years in Cyprus, we have nurtured a spirit of Christian concord  with our Orthodox neighbours and have created a network of support for people in need, including displaced Muslim and Christian refugee families from many countries, who have found themselves in Cyprus.

Our aim and ethos is to help with integrity, compassion, practical and spiritual support.  We encourage the following help from our support network:

  • Donations of food, baby, medical and basic household goods
  • Help with transportation of refugee families to our Learning Refuge, our Parish Church (for Christians), pick up and delivery of supplies
  • Teaching resource for the Learning Refuge
  • Support for art, music and other cultural charity events we organise
  • Working on our olive grove & land cultivation to produce fresh food supplies
  • Identifying employment opportunities
  • Practical help with emergency situations

We also aim to seek ways of helping the children at the ‘Hogar Nino Dias’ Home of Mercy, Bethlehem. This Home is in Palestine and for children who have been abandoned, have handicaps and special needs.

It is also our intention to help restore the beautiful ancient frescoes in the isolated and wonderful Church of Christ Antiphonitis, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

We have been graciously supported in these activities, by people of goodwill from the Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican, Protestant, Islamic faiths and non-practicing Christians.  We have been fortunate to have found many exceptional, selfless and caring individuals who quietly work wonders.

We are now pleased to develop our relationship with Francis Haggerty, Member of OSMTJ and ‘The Tadzrelebi’ Georgia, now resident in Cyprus.

We also value our close relationship with Edgar Mifsud and his family, Edgar is a Member of ‘The Order of St. John of Jerusalem. Knights Hospitaller’ (Russian Grand Priory of Malta) now based on Cyprus, having moved from his home in Malta a few years ago.

Old map of Cyprus